Dark Chocolates

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Lindt Excellence 70% Dark Chocolate Bar 1.89 Buy Now »
A delicately fragrant and smooth dark chocolate which has a strong, but not too intense, cocoa flavour with subtle fruit and floral undertones and hints of natural vanilla. A full-bodied dark chocolate.
Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar 1.89 Buy Now »
Discover the delicious blend of silky dark chocolate enhanced with just a touch of sea salt. This interesting combination will surprise the palate as the salt accentuates the flavour and the sweetness of the cocoa.
Lindt Excellence 85% Dark Chocolate Bar 1.89 Buy Now »
An intensely flavoured dark chocolate with a strong aroma and full-bodied cocoa taste. A bittersweet dark chocolate given the 85% cocoa content with notes of dried fruit and licorice.
Willies Luscious Orange Dark Chocolate Bar 1.90 Buy Now »
A single origin dark chocolate infused with organic orange essence. Created from Baracoan beans from Cuba that offer notes of honey to this perfectly balanced fruit and chocolate medley by Willies chocolates.
Willies Hazelnut Raisin Dark Chocolate Bar 1.90 Buy Now »
A fruit and nut chocolate bar with credibility by Willies chocolate. Made from single origin, Criollo cocoa from Peru, combined with plump rasins and whole, crisp hazelnuts. The premium ingredients result in a classic with much added flavour.
Willies Ginger Lime Dark Chocolate Bar 1.90 Buy Now »
A beautifully flavoured single origin, dark chocolate bar from Willies chocolate with crystallised ginger and organic lime essence. Created from Trinitario beans from Sierra Leone. A warm and spicy flavoured chocolate with a fresh edge.
Noir Infini  99% Dark Chocolate Bar 1.95 Buy Now »
The Noir Infini bar is for the strict connoisseur with a deep and very bitter taste. With a serious 99% cocoa content it also appeals to those preferring a chocolate with reduced sugar content.
Dark Chocolate Curls - Small 100g Bag 1.95 Buy Now »
High quality, dark chocolate curls. Chocolate curls are created for decorating cakes, cupcakes, desserts and ice cream. Economically packed for the lowest price.
Dark Chocolate Vermicelli - Small 100g Bag 1.95 Buy Now »
Economically packed bag of high quality, dark chocolate vermicelli sprinkles for decorating chocolate truffles, cakes, cupcakes, desserts and ice cream. One of the most versatile chocolate decorations.
Lindt Excellence 90% Dark Chocolate Bar 2.34 Buy Now »
A full bodied dark chocolate which is wonderfully smooth. Revealing all the richness and purity of high quality cocoa beans. The taste of pure cocoa is apparent and without an intense bitter taste, although of course with very little sweetness.
53% Dark Chocolate Chips - Small 200g Bag 2.95 Buy Now »
An economical bag of high quality, Belgian chocolate chips. 53.8% cocoa content, dark chocolate couverture (cooking chocolate) chips, created for easy melting and a wide variety of uses including baking and chocolate fountains.
Dark Chocolate Flowers - Tub Of 4 2.95 Buy Now »
Dark chocolate flowers in the form of lillies for decorating cupcakes, celebration cakes and desserts. Made from high quality Belgian, dark chocolate. These chocolate lillies measure 28mm across by 14mm deep.
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  • 1 to 12 of 178